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What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the process whereby a woman uses oocytes from a donor to fulfil her desire of becoming a mother. The oocytes from the donor will be combined with spermatozoa from the recipient couple to produce embryos; these will be transferred to the recipient in order to achieve the longed-for pregnancy. As such, oocytes donation makes the miracle of life possible for women who would not be able to have children any other way.

Egg Donors

Oocyte donation was legalized by Spanish legislation in 1988 (Law 35/1988, of 22 November). Donors must fulfill a series of requirements in order to donate their eggs:

  • Age should be around 18 to 35
  • Their genetic history must comply with the requirements of the legislation currently in force.
  • They must have a normal reproductive system.

In order to be accepted into the oocyte donation programme at IVI, women must undergo a full medical and psychological assessment that provides us with valuable information about their fertility, their state of health and their potential to become mothers. They are given a very thorough gynecological check-up which will rule out the presence of cysts, myomas, polyps and other irregularities of the reproductive organs. A chromosomal study will also be carried out to rule out the possibility of any future defects in her own babies or in babies born to recipients of her oocytes. It will be confirmed that she is free from any transmissible diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis, and her blood group and Rh factor will also be checked.

A noble donation for the happiness of others

Though sperm donation is not a new concept, Egg donation in India is most certainly new. A fertile woman, whose ovary releases an egg at timely intervals, can donate the egg to infertile couples and help fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Today, we are a pro-egg donation in India, and women are encouraged to donate eggs to help couples with infertility problems.

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