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Embryo donation is the process of giving the embryos left after one couple’s in vitro fertilization to another person or couple for implantation.

The embryos are usually donated after the couple for whom they were initially created has conceived and carried a pregnancy to term.

The decision to donate or destroy the embryos remains with the same couple.

Process of Embryo donation

Usually, during an IVF cycle, all the embryos formed are not transferred to the uterus. Only 3-4 embryos will be transferred and the rest are frozen for future use.

If the couple for whom those embryos were created conceives in the first cycle, they may choose to keep those extra embryos frozen for future use, donate them to a needy person, or ask to destroy them.

In cases of IVF with donor eggs and donor sperm, the embryos may be shared by more than one couple because there is no genetic connection to either of them.

In embryo donation:

  1. Your endometrium will be prepared with controlled doses of estrogen for around 14 days, after which progesterone will be introduced
  2. Frozen embryos are thawed and prepared
  3. Embryo transfer will be done on around day 17 of the cycle. A small catheter will be passed through the vagina and cervix into the uterus and the embryos will be placed there.

Risks and Complications

The process of embryo transfer is considered very safe, and there are hardly any complications, albeit there is a very small risk of infection, but if you go to a good, trusted facility, you should have nothing to worry about.

Pregnancy test will be done after 15 days. If it is negative, the medications will be stopped and your normal periods will resume.

If you do get pregnant, you will be given more progesterone to support your pregnancy for several weeks. Hereon, you will have the same risks or complications as any other woman of your age who conceived naturally.

There is no known negative effect of freezing and thawing the embryos; in fact, some doctors report better success rates with frozen embryos because it gives them a better control of your uterine lining and they can transfer them under the most conducive of conditions.

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