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Is done in cases where the male partner does not have any sperm in his semen or has very poor number and motility which does not improve with treatment. In donor insemination sperms from healthy male is taken, washed to separate the best sperm and kept frozen in liquid nitrogen. The donor is tested for Hepatitis B&C HIV I & II, Syphilis and chlamydia.

Sperms are used from that donor whose characters like, blood group, color of skin & hair, body built and height match with the patient’s husband. The matched frozen sperm are taken out from liquid nitrogen and after cheaking out their motility theysu are put in to the patiens uterus with a soft catheter around the time of ovulation or egg rupture.

The success rate is 15-20% per cycle, 50-60% after 6 cycles and 80 to 90% after 12 cycles. In cases where donor insemination fails after many Cycles then IVF is done.
The cost per cycle is Rs.5000 to 6000 including drugs.

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