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In vitro fertilization, test tube baby is a procedure in which eggs of a women are taken out from her ovaries. This is done after giving some hormones so that multiple eggs are formed. Eggs are taken out with the help of a needle and ultrasound from below. These are then kept in a machine (CO2 incubator) which has the conditions similar to the womens uterus.

Then the husband’s sperms are taken and the best quality of sperm are separated and then mixed with these eggs after two to three days the best looking embryos are selected and with the help of a soft catheter put back into the womens uterus from below. After 15 days with help of blood test it is known whether the pregnancy has successfully implanted or not. IVF is mainly done for women who have blocked tubes or non functional tubes.

It is also done in cases of endometriosis , PCOD, unexplained infertility and when IUI has failed. It is also done in cases of mild degree of male infertility. The chances of pregnancy per cycle is 30-40% and 80 – 90 % after 4 cycles. The cost of treatment per cycle is Rs. 60,000 to 80,000 inclusive of drugs for IVF.

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